The 5-day Initial OHS course is designed to provide HSRs (and others) with the knowledge, skills and confidence to represent their co-workers (in their  Designated Work Groups) and to help make their workplace safer.
But not only Health & Safety Reps benefit from this program.
Although HSRs are the primary audience, managers, supervisors, Health and Safety Committee members - and indeed anyone with an interest in workplace health and safety will also benefit from attending these courses.
MOST 5-day courses are conducted in 2 phases: Phase 1 - 3 consecutive days; followed in the next week by
Phase 2 - 2 consecutive days.

[This course is specifically for organisations in Victoria operating under the jurisdiction of the OHS Act 2004 and not suitable for workplaces covered by Work Health & Safety Acts in the Commonwealth, other States and Territories.
For information on our COMCARE APPROVED WHS Courses, CLICK HERE.]
Important Note for HSRs
WSV encourages all HSRs to attend training, as soon as possible after they have been elected. This training will help a HSR to understand their roles and exercise their powers effectively.  Deputy HSRs also have an entitlement to this training. Section 67 of the Vic OHS Act provides for HSRs (and Deputy HSRs) to choose their course in consultation with their employer.  (Please note: WSV require each participant should complete the enrolment form.)
Attendance at all sessions is required in order to be awarded a Certificate of Attendance. (As the course is not competency based, there is no formal assessment.)

Our WorkSafe Victoria approved OHS courses are conducted across Victoria.
Note: HSRs are also entitled to attend a 'Health & Safety Representative REFRESHER OHS Training Course' annually.
CLICK HERE for details of our Victorian HSR REFRESHER COURSES.
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OSHA's unique approach to OHS training ensures participants enjoy their learning experience and are able to apply their practical skills and knowledge when they return to their organisations. This training equips HSRs with the confidence, skills and knowledge to represent their Designated Work Group and to help make their workplace safer.